Grand Theft Auto – New Pics

The main character can see what the viewer in the short spot, is similar to an old issue of Tommy Vercetti, who would like to finish what his gangster life, and enjoy a relaxed life. The addressed trailer shows the virtual world that gamers already know from the previous edition of San Andreas. The project, however, the actor made ​​to naught, because he is haunted by his dark tale again. It is still unclear whether the gamers can change the star of the story on your own or at least get a few powers so that one can change his character profile. Really clear is the relese date of the similar Named DOA 5 in September.

Concerning the content of rumors are growing increasingly’s daylight. It is assumed that pets may also be available from now on. Thanks to the new locations, the world is 5-times as huge as that of its predecessor.

According to the popular game releases in October 2012 or the 1st Quarter of 2013 to come into the stores.

The actors seem even more sophisticated than in previous GTA titles. In terms of graphical elements should the new title to be another milestone times. It can be assumed that even more, much more extras are walking on the virtual ground. The blockbuster game would be available on consoles Sony PlayStation 3, PC  and GTA 5 XBox 360.

At GamesCom in August 2012, thus calculating that Rockstar Games will announce additional news that should bring additional light into the darkness.


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